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Sakamura Machines

Sakamura is a leading equipment manufacturer in the metal forming industry which produces bolts, nuts and automobile components. Sakamura equipment is well accepted in this industry and it has received recognition and awards from Plastic Forming Association and the Science and Technology Agency for its contribution in development and technological breakthrough in this industry.

Sakamura has been developing unmanned operation systems ranging from automatic wire supply system, multi-tool changer to change forming tools in three minutes and self monitoring production systems being ready with the 21st century Former. Sakamura is constantly striving to further develop quick set up methods for automatic punch adjusting systems, to produce precise and exact quality products while reducing down time. Such high tech formers have been installed in our own production lines at one of our affiliate plants and technical data is being accumulated for all aspects for plasticity forming.

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BPF Series Cold Part Formers
In this series, both 5-die and 6-die have trimming functions offered and Sakamura can customize these models to fit a variety of special parts production requirement. The largest size of this series is Model BPF-590 with 050mm x 230mm long cutoff billet capacity (forging capacity:1000tons). Straight across or 180″ turn transfer cassette can be selected for any desired station.

BP Series Cold Bolt Formers
This 4-die BP series is available ranging from M6 to M42 bolts and to Max. shank length 400mm or for any other various complex parts production such as shank parts and auto parts, etc.

S Series Cold Bolt Formers
This high speed series has well received by the manufacturers of hex. bolt and socket head cap screws. An ultra long type series is also offered for M8 bolt with shank length 320mm The trimming punch automatic change system has been developed.

PF Series Cold Parts Formers
This series offers a 3-die, 4-die, 5-die and 6-die version. The 3-die Parts Former is also well accepted by the manufacturers for pre-formed blank forgings and 6-die Parts Formers have become popular for efficient, high production of spark plug shells. Besides, spark plug applications, 6-die cold former offers flexible forming capability of complex parts production including re-feeding systems or cross piercing device. A warm specification is, also, available if desired.

NF Series Cold Nut Formers
This 5-die Cold Nut Formers offer a pieced hole and part thickness inspection device, and prevents defective parts from mixing with good parts while producing high precision nuts. Besides, the more recently developed APT chuck can be adapted to provide precise centering of chuck fingers to the dies from the operators stand If PKO is provided, hollow parts can be forged.

NP Series Cold Nut Formers
This 4-die high speed cold nut former equips 2 CD transfer for nuts production. A fast and simple “One-touch” changeover system of transfer chuck with easy access was developed for this series as well as NF series.

FR Series Formers
This 2 or 3-die FR series incorporates a rotary threading device for the final station, eliminating difficult feeding problems for such parts as socket head cap screws, set screws, plugs, studs, recessed and high tensile bolts, etc. As each part is placed into thread starting station by transfer finger, this avoids blanks stocking for threading sequence.

HNP (3-Die)/HBP/HPF(4-Die) Series Hot Formers
HBP series are designed to produce inner/outer bearing races simultaneously using the DRT mechanism, which separates inner/outer bearing race at the last forming station. HPF series are equipped with simple type stripper plate to separate inner/outer bearing races. Sakamura Hot Formers consist of a rigid designed box typed cast steel frame and have unique dual reciprocating rams that reduces frame deflection during bar end treating process and offer improved operation balance so as to produce very precise forgings.