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Sakamura Model HNP-80 3 Die Hot Former

Inventory ID:10292

Year of Manufacture:1992

One Used Sakamura Model HNP-80  3 Die Hot Former, Mfg. 1992 - Rebuilt 2007

1600 Kn Forging Capacity
1 Cut-off Die (bush type system)
85-160 PPM depending on part
19-35mm x 60L Bar Resp. Wire Diameter
280 g maximum Cut-off Slug Weight
20-53mm Blank Outer Diameter
8-35mm Blank Height
Die Diameter:
       Performing - 58mm
       1st Station - 155mm
       2nd Station - 130mm
Punch Diameter:
       Performing - 40mm
       1st Station - 90mm
       2nd Station - 50mm
6mm Punch Adjustment for the Performing Ram

Equipped with:magazine bar rack,ajax induction heater  

Machine Dimensions - L x W X H: 4.700x2.700x1.800mm (only HNP-80)
Motor Capacity - 37 Kw
Machine Weight - about 30 tons (only HNP-80)

Located - European Plant Site

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