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About Us


Mark L. Hariton

I started Hariton Machinery in 1970. Today we are in constant contact with major manufacturers throughout the world and therefore we are able to offer you the best New and Used late model equipment. We maintain an inventory of hundreds of machines, with more coming in daily. Therefore we are able to stand behind them 100% as opposed to purchasing a machine through a broker or at a public auction. As well, you will always receive our thirty day return privilege on any machine which we own.

We maintain a sales office in the Cleveland, Ohio area to help service all the people in the Mid-western U.S. We also have sales representatives in Mexico City, New Delhi, India, Australia, South Korea, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hariton Machinery also specializes in machinery for the Open and Impression Die Forging industry. We are in constant communication with manufacturers that use various tonnage capacity presses which enables us to gather what is available on the market today.

Another area of expertise for Hariton Machinery Co., is the appraisal and evaluation of this same type of equipment, which could be done for you, or your bank, or perhaps a leasing organization who may be interested in financing the purchase of additional equipment for use in your facility. We presently have two certified and accredited appraisers on hand for your appraisal needs.

Also, we are always in the market for good used equipment – from a single machine up to an entire manufacturing facility. During the past twenty years we have been involved in the outright purchase of a number of small and larger Fastener and Cold Forming Manufacturing facilities. We are willing to make an offer on a single piece of equipment or an entire facility and are immediately available at any given time to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis.

Mark L. Hariton